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& sweet dreams

Kojá, in few different languages carries the meaning : cot, bunk and sweet dreams. As a mother of a child who has had a severe aczema, each day was like handing in an endless assignment that never came back with any answers nor a feedback.

Being a new mum, I had many people rave about the benefits of merino clothing and sleepwear, which turned out to be one of the worst type of fabric I could have used on a child with aczema. After countless mistakes and struggles, I came to learn that cotton is highly friendly not only on a baby's skin, but even more so on a baby with sensitive skin.

Kojá stands to serve the purpose to bring a good, restful sleep for babies and children and we will do our best to create, and to bring soft, quality sleepwear for your little ones.


an aesthetically pleasing name, leaving
room for personal interpretation
through its actions.


three young individuals, convinced
that a lot has yet to be explored
in an indispensable and ubiquitous


garments should look good, and
simultaneously making them
versatile is a nice challenge.


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